Réponse des australiens à George


Dear George,

The Prep girls at Loreto were very excited to hear from you!

Here are some of the answers to your classes questions:

My house is green. The inside is white. (Jessica)

It doesn't snow where we live but it does snow in the mountains which are about a 2 hour drive away. (Anna)

1 speak 3 différent languages at home, English, ltalian and Irish (Antonia)

We have brown skin and light skin. We are ail différent. (Charlotte)

1 hope you have a good Easter. (Jessica S)

My house is blue. What colour is your home? (Isabelle)

My house is white and is made of wood. (Mia)

What colour skin do you have? 1 have brown eyes, pale skin and blonde hair.

1 like to run for Sport and 1 like to jump on the trampoline. (Khadijiah)

It doesnt snow near my house but it does snow if you go up to Mount Bulla.

1 like to eat bananas and apples. 1 have a big giant apple tree in my
backyard. (Zahra)

Love from Sonia and the Prep girls.